My Birth Pool | Terms and Conditions – WBSFS

We accept all forms of credit or debit cards. As we do verify all credit card purchases; the billing name and address must match what is on file with your credit card company. Incorrect addresses or expiration dates will cause your card to not authorize and therefore delay your order. When you place your order, we Authorize payment only. Once your order is packed and ready to leave our warehouse (often same day) we will Capture the payment and actually charge your card.

We recommend you set-up your birth pool when you first receive it to ensure it is working properly. We recommend you allow the birth pool to acclimate to room temperature for 72 hours (especially if it just came off a delivery truck in the middle of winter!) After it acclimates, inflate all chambers and allow it to sit overnight. It should hold air and be firm in the morning. You do not need to put water in the pool at this time. Checking that the pool stays inflated is all that is needed.

Please ensure there is enough shipping time before your due date. We are not responsible if you place an order, receive it promptly, and you’re unable to use it.

Any questions, please give us a call at (360) 385-1774.