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Below FAQ are some commonly asked questions, if you have another question, please send it to

We carry pools structurally engineered for the challenge of birth, and they all have different features.  We have compiled a comparison of birth poolsfor your convenience.

All Personal Pools come with a Single-Use Guarantee, though you can often use a Personal Pool many times.  The LaBassine Professional Pools come with a 10 use warranty/one year, and Birth Pool in a Box Professional Pools come with a 40 use warranty/one year, though they typically can be used for many more.

Your Care Provider is the most important ingredient for a smooth, safe birth.  Secondly, you need a quality Birth Pool and lastly Accessories to use the pool.

Here are some things to consider.  All inflatable birth pools need to be inflated.  You can do that with a foot pump or an electric air pump.  Next, you need a hose (preferably lead-free) that will reach from your water source to the pool.  You’ll need a faucet adapter to connect the hose to your faucet.  These items are needed to set-up your pool.

While you are using your pool, a floating thermometer is handy as well as a debris net to remove any by-products of birth.

Once you’re done with your pool, you will need to drain the water.  You can use a hose to siphon the water or an electric drain pump.  Depending on your situation, the slow process of siphoning might be fine.  If not, our electric drain pumps are incredibly fast and easy to use.

All these Accessories are sold a la carte on our website or as a bundle in our Kits.  You can find everything you need in our store, in the Accessories Category. 

Long before mom goes into labor, you want to check that you can hook your hose up to your kitchen or bathroom faucet.  We sell lead-free hoses and faucet adaptors, or you can procure those on your own.  Either way, ensure that you can get water to your tub location long before labor begins.

On the big day, we recommend putting some large pots on the stove to heat up while you set-up your birth pool.  You will likely run your hot water tank out, and you can use the large pots (be careful!) to supplement your hot water tank while it is recovering.

You can also view our instructional videos on our Youtube channel.

At this time, there is not a safe heater made for inflatable birth tubs. The heaters used for the Aquadoula and Gentle Birth Pool will melt an inflatable.
Your goal is to keep the water between 95 and 100 degrees F. Never go above 101 degrees F with a pregnant mom in the tub, as it could be harmful to the baby.

Once your hot water tank has recovered, you can use tap water or continue to use the water you heated on the stove to warm up the pool. The sides of the inflatable are 10 inches thick, so they do provide good heat retention.

Use a debris net to remove any large particles in the water.  If you filled your pool with a lead-free hose, we recommend you keep that hose and use it for your garden or another use.  We sell submersible drain pumps, which hooked to a garden hose will drain your pool in 20 minutes.  If time is not important, you can siphon the water using a garden hose.  The trick to siphoning is that the hose outlet is lower than the hose inlet.  You can drain the water out a window into a non-edible garden/lawn or down the shower drain or toilet.

 You can also view our instructional videos on our Youtube channel.

We are a small, woman-owned company. Marla (owner) and Shannon (employee extraordinaire) is available to answer questions during normal business hours (9-5 Mon-Fri PST), so please don’t hesitate to call 360 385-1774. Marla used both a Gentle Birth Pool and an Inflatable Personal Pool for the births of her two children.

Once you use your Birth Pool, you have many choices:

  • Save it.  Clean and dry the pool completely and then store it in a Rubbermaid Tote at room temperature.  The container will keep accidental punctures and tears from occurring.  The plastic is a fluid material, so be sure to check your pool well before your next due date to ensure it survived the storage.
  • Donate it.  Your Doula or Midwife are the hardest working people you’ll ever meet.  What a nice gift!
  • Relax in it.  Use as a Soaking Pool to refresh in the summer months.
  • Gift it.  What better way to recycle than sharing with a friend.
  • Sell it.  If you used a liner, you can sell it to another expectant parent (your Midwife knows many) or on craigslist or eBay.
  • Toss it.  The PVC is very good quality, so some recyclers will take it.  If not, the landfill will be its final resting place, so be sure to reuse if possible.